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As part of our continuing efforts to support and help Mundelein residents, the Community

Emergency Response Team (CERT) has created a Pet Sheltering Task Force. On January 22, the Pet

Sheltering Task Force held their first joint meeting; we were joined by CERT Team members from

Palatine, Freemont, Wauconda; Highland Park and South Lake County Region (SLCR).  Mundelein started

this program with a few incredibly outstanding members who saw the need to develop a way to help

pets in a disaster; hence the multi CERT Task Force was born.  This Task Force will gather resources from

each town if/when a disaster occurs  we will be prepared to band together in order to assist the animals

in that town.   The meeting emphasized the huge demand in Mundelein, and its surrounding towns, for

a Pet Sheltering Task Force, it also highlighted the massive amount of enthusiasm everyone had for

getting this off the ground.  I am sure you will all agree this was an outstanding start for a much needed

program. I would like to thank everyone for their assistance in creating a very successful Pet Sheltering

Task Force launch. A special thank you to Ken Rockett of the Palatine CERT team for putting together a

fantastic presentation and a special shout out to Abby from SLCR for making the trip to show her

support. Finally, without the efforts of my team and the support of Chief Sashko MFD, this task force

launch would not have been possible, thank you and great job everyone!

Disaster Preparation for Pets